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The Next Big Cryptocurrency in 2018

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In the past, other forms of currency utilized in the market other than money were gold, bonds, shares, estate, and various other treasures. However, the modern days have witnessed the evolution of currency and have overseen the development of digital money, crypto-currency, whose growth and acceptance has awed many.

It all started with the creation of Bitcoin some years ago. Nonetheless, its acceptance was not an overnight event. It took time since it was only used for underground and dodgy purposes, and little did people know that Bitcoin was only a tip of the iceberg. Luckily, the contemporary society has not only embraced Bitcoin but also other crypto-currencies, which have received backing from large corporations in the world. Here are some other digital currencies that you should watch out for in 2018.

• Ethereum

On the top of this new age of crypto-currencies is Ethereum. It stands tall among other digital money currencies and makes use of the new blockchain technology that has attracted the attention of the largest corporations in the world. Ethereum is ideal for future transactions due to its;

• Smart contracts,

• Decentralized autonomous organizations,

• Decentralized applications.

Unlike Bitcoin whose emphasis is on transactions, Ethereum is geared towards applications, codes, and programming, making it a better version of crypto-currency.

• Ripple

It is a modern technology mostly utilized by banks to interact with each other without necessarily being controlled from a central point. Users speak of its magnificence in the revolution of the banking sector. Unfortunately, Ripple lacks its currency as at now, but 2018 is likely to usher in its new currency. Due to these drawbacks, it has not been much of success but the next year henceforth will enjoy its benefits in totality.

• Stratis

This one is the mother of all blockchains, and it bears a robust platform for blockchain development. Other than formulating its currency, it is seeking to establish Blockchain ASA Service (BAAS) come 2018. It has the unique features of Ethereum in concept and also Bitcoin on the blockchain. However, it has the upper hand when it gets down to its ability to code.

Stratis offers its users’ universal application and other developers possibilities. More to it, it has a newly created breeze wallet that is set to bring in a complete overhaul of transactional privacy. Besides, it has solid support from large multinational companies like Microsoft.

• Siacoin (SC)

This crypto-currency was developed a bit earlier in 2013. Its blockchain is unique and has a technology that enables smart contracts to be created for digital storage. Though not self-sufficient thus far, Siacoin is still under development, and it is set to take 2018 by storm due to its distinct technology. It currently ranks among the top 40 of all coins in the market.

• Ark

Ark utilizes SmartBridge technology. This technology allows it to inter-link different blockchains, making it a more advanced crypto-currency. It is among the highly adaptable, flexible, and secure form of digital money. Moreover, it is subject to design in such way that it meets the consumer needs.

If you are set to make that big leap of faith in cryptocurrencies in 2018, the above five options are opportune for you to venture in. However, investing in crypto-currencies comes with a red flag since they are highly volatile and returns can go either way. If you are set to give it a try, make that bold move in 2018 and enjoy the experience.

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